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Preceda is a cloud-based software platform that manages all of your organisation’s Payroll and HR needs.

Whether you have 100 employees or 200,000, Preceda offers a user-friendly, scalable solution that your staff will love. As the trusted choice for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest organisations since 2001, Preceda’s proven experience in the field of Payroll and HR SaaS is second to none.

Preceda is an integrated end-to-end people management solution that provides HR management, payroll, employee self-service, award interpretation and time and attendance functionality from one central database, with a common use interface in Australia and New Zealand.


easyemployer is focused on providing cloud based, easy to use, workforce management solutions that allow businesses to save time, money and gain control of their workforce by ensuring all areas of their staff administration is fully streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness.

easyemployer  empowers businesses to achieve excellence in workforce management with outcomes such as savings of 2-8% of annual labour costs and up to 90% of time currently spent managing staff, reducing business risk through process streamlining and automation, and provision of greater understanding and visibility of labour costs across the organisation.

easyemployer’s clients include national and international organisations within the retail, hospitality, aged/home/child care, health and service industries with a wide range of business configurations from large single warehouse sites to multiple geographically dispersed sites. By utilising our workforce management solutions

easyemployer  clients enjoy a range of benefits including:

Streamlining of rostering to save time and hassle, with reduction of staff overpayments
by keeping timesheets accountable to rosters.

Automation of staff timesheet processing based on industry awards, and elimination of
manual and error prone payroll processing procedures.

Greater control and understanding of labour costs through pre-costing rosters and reporting.

Legislative and operational compliance and holistic streamlining and
automation of processes to ensure business continuity.

Effective management of work locations in a single, cloud based solution that is accessible from anywhere
and flexible enough to grow and change with a business without costly upgrades.

First class service & support from a team dedicated to providing businesses
with technology that makes their lives easier.